Who Do We Help?


We cannot develop unless we develop together.

Our progress is tied to the progress of our most disadvantaged communities, tribals.

By Creating Livelihoods

We help tribal women build sustainable enterprises that impact 100 million forest dwellers

By Protecting The Environment

We protect tribals, the shields of the forest, and ensure correct practices in the harvest of forest produce.

By Developing Economies

Our work financially empowers women and has the potential to create over 10 million workdays annually in India.

How Do We Help?

  • 1Building Sustainable, Tribal,
    Women-Owned Enterprises

  • 2Skill Training and Capability
    Building For Tribals

  • 3Addressing the Trust Deficit Through Fair Trade Practices

  • 4Technology to Enhance
    Quality and Productivity

  • 5Linking Remote and Disconnected Villages with Urban Markets

  • 6Protecting Forests and Bio-Diversity

  • 7Arranging Capital Support for
    Tribal Enterprises


Sustainable enterprise can help tribals independently improve their lives


80% of tribal income comes from collection and sale of MFPs

Minor Forest Produce (MFP)

The Power of Adding Value at The Grassroot Level


MFPs are a major source of Livelihood and Nourishment  


MFPs are primarily harvested by women and financially empowers them

RASSAA at Work


Sustained Outcomes

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